profile1 Voice navigation.

profile2 Gesture navigation.

A gesture-controlled UI.

Harnessing your device's camera and using computer vision to track your movements, we can translate particular gestures into commands for navigation. Applications: a presentation framework, media player, and an interactive game.


Scroll through presentations, down webpages, and through media playlists.

Hover to Click

Hold your hand still over the item that you would like to select.


Customize commands by "calibrating" gestures and creating new ones. demo →

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Voice-controlled UI.

A platform that uses your device's microphone to listen to your voice and receive commands to control web apps and websites, and a set of tools to help web developers use these features easily. Applications: a presentation framework, media hub, and an interactive game.

Handsfree Browsing

Throw away the mouse and keyboard. Use speech to control your website.


Games where you shout out commands rather than punch keys. "Jump!" "Duck!"

Media Player

Control our media player from the couch. Customize your experience with commands and tags.

← demo

© 2014 thunder/lightning | Made in NYC